SelenOptics develop Microstructured Optical Fibers, designed for mid infrared and nonlinear applications.

AsSe single mode


We manufacture chalcogenide fibers based on AsSe.

Our fibers are singlemode from 1.5 µm to 10 µm.

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Reference Core diameter Cladding diameter Numerical aperture Background losses Transmission
AsSe SM 11/125 11 µm 125 µm 0.4 (4.0 µm) ; 0.6 (9.0 µm) < 0.5 dB/m [1.5 µm ; 10 µm]

Our fibers are available as fiber patch cables.

Thanks to their non linear properties, our AsSe SM 11/125 fibers are used for supercontinuum generation and are integrated in the commercial supercontinuum source Electro MIR 9, developed in collaboration with LEUKOS and Le Verre Fluoré.

customize your fiber

  • Custom core size
  • Tapered fiber
  • Polarization maintaining fiber
  • Other glass compositions : GeAsSe
  • Endcap

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